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*sigh* Dead Ram Module CM2X1024-6400C4PRO

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I believe that I have a dead ram module. This morning when waking up, I noticed that my computer had gone into hibernation. However, the computer would not turn back on. I shut down the pc and tried to turn it back on, after doing so the post screen would not come on and the computer would beep at me twice.


After doing that, I unhooked the computer and did some trial and error with the components in the computer, I checked to make sure it was the video card <-- wasn't the case. I then tried each RAM module in the 1st ram slot individually to see if the computer would work. One of the RAM modules prevents the computer from booting up properly, while the other RAM module works just fine.


I was running the modules at DDR2 800 and manually set the cas latancies to 4-4-4-12 after boosting the voltage supplied to them to 2.1v like it is recommended. The modules have been working fine for over a year and I guess one of them just decided to quit on me. I would like to see if you confirm my findings.

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