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Mobo, ram or both?

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Before I begin(specs):


CPU: QX6700

RAM: 2GB Dominator 8888 (4GB in 1GB sticks available on hand)

HDD: 3x 150GB WD Raptor, 1x 250GB WD Caviar

PSU: 1000watt Silverstone

Soundcard: Sound Blaster X-FI Xtremegamer


Well, i've got an Evga 680i A1 and a few sticks of Dominator 8888 ram. but i think my motherboard has screwed the sticks over as well as shat itself in the process. I can boot up with one stick in the third slot from the CPU and it will boot, but no matter what stick I use the PC will freeze in the BIOS or upon booting into windows. Not good! For the books, I have set the ram voltage to its specification and its timings also to specification and my motherboard still posts C1 error which is supposively memory control. The only slot that doesnt post C1 is the one that I can use to boot (which freezes up anyway!) I've tried all 4 dominator sticks in all 4 DIMM's and only one will boot up and as I said above, it freezes no matter what stick I use. Every other dimm posts C1 error and beeps rather loudly at me. Is it time for an RMA? What do you think? Motherboard, Ram or both? (This mobo is getting a name for blowing up good ram)

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That's really bad, ive had the PC not two days. my 8888's are supposively supported, but ive had a bad run on both the striker extreme(two died) and this one(now dead). Should I be looking at trying a different stick? One thing is for sure, all 3 dead mobo's issues looked to be memory related. I was thinking about ditching the 8888's for a set of 9136's which are supposively a decently low voltage and also are "optimised" for 680i chipsets, what do you think?
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I would be looking for some other cause with three MB's dieing that would suggest some other problem and memory is passive there is no way it can damage a MB even with a direct short it would just not let the system post.

Are you using a APC or UPC and if so what is the make and model?

Have you tested the modules in another system one at a time?

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