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Corsair 620HXEU and rail usage


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Hi there,


Just need some basic guiding on how to connect the main components. Read a few reviews that complained about the marking of the rails and the power of each (which was resolved here on a previous post). But still a bit curious on how to best connect the different parts to get an "even" power draw from the PSU.


I am going to hook up an EVGA 680i to it and fit an E6600 and a BFG 8800 GTS ********, together with 3xHDDs and 2xoptical units, 2GB Corsair Dominator, TV-card and an ext HDD on it. I guess the main issue is around the MB, CPU and GPU. Any suggestions?


Also get a little concerned about the quality of the PSU when I scan the forums. Anyone have a percentage of "broken" PSUs on this particular product line? Don't really want to spend $3000 on a new PC and end up sending my PSU back and render my PC worthless for weeks or months... :eek:


Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks

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