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Bad Ram - I got 2 options


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I received my 1gb kit of value select ram about a week ago. On Friday one of the sticks pretty much died - I've done all the testing on it so i know it's gone, however I'm not sure if I should send the ram directly to corsair or just back to the place i bought it.


Their warranty states that they pass it back on to their supplier..which could be corsair right?


However it also says that the ram may not be replaced with new ram? (It also says it may be replaced with something of equal or better value - confusing...)


I live in Australia, so I'm wondering if it would be my best interest to send it straight to corsair or just go through Price Point Computers (also known as Altech Computers, i think).


In terms of postage price and the time taken, what do you recommend Ram Guy (or any aussies in the same situation)?




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