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Another dominator 8888 post :)

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Okay well,


Before i start the explaination of the issue, i'll list my hardware.


CPU: Intel X6800

Memory: 2GB Corsair Dominator 8888

Mobo: Evga 680i A1

Video: 2x EVGA 8800GTX KO

Cooling: Water (CPU, GFX) non stock active cooling on NB and SB.

PSU: 1000watt Silverstone Zues


Okay well, the issue is. If I try to OC in the bios the computer won't boot afterwards, im suspecting that im trying to set settings to aggressively or there is not enough voltage put into some things. What im trying to do is set FSB to 1111mhz (or 277.75mhz), my ram to 1111mhz (4-4-4-12 and 2.4v) which is supposively stock for this ram. my PCI-E slots are at 125hz also. CPU wise, I try to get it to about 3.8ghz (not sure what kind of voltage 3.8ghz would be needing also, stock is supposively 1.25v. Ive increased the HTT to 250 also. All these settings together seem to hate each other, am I being to aggressive? am I missing some settings with voltage? I can't quite work it out, so basically im asking the community what they think is the issue and what perhaps this X6800 cant handle or doesnt like in terms of FSB and RAM clocks. Off I go to remove my entire water cooling setup so I can get to the bios reset jumpers...regardless, ive been having BIOS errors related to IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_EQUAL (which is supposively a ram issue) for a good while now even after a format, yet to run memtest however.

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