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Voyager GT 4GB bad part How do I return


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I purchased a Voyager GT 4GB USB flash drive from Zipzoomfly.com on May 5, 2007. The drive work wonderfully. I take with me to school , work and use it at home to speed up Vista. A few days ago I notice when pulling the drive out of the USB slot that there was a lot of wigle and felt lost. The item still worked until today. Vista or Windows XP can not recognize the drive. I have tried the Flash Drive on multipel USB ports, and on my laptop, desktop and at school in the computer lab, still nothing works. The tip of the USB feels weak and lose. I can get it to work if I wigle or hold the Flash drive in place, but as soon as I release it the drive stops working. It feels as though the circuitboard and the USB tip are weakened and its coming detached. I have e-mail zipzoomfly.com and I am waiting a resonse. DO you have any additional suggestions. Would I be able to RMA this item with Corsair since it has a 10 year warranty if Zipzoomfly does not help me?
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