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SD card case cracking

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I have two Corsair 1GB 133X Secure Digital Memory Card which I purchased on 12 Sep 2006 that I use with a Canon PowerShot SD700 IS. The cards have been working fine until about a month ago (4/15/07) when one got stuck inside the memory slot of the camera. I had to pull the card out and found that the outer housing case was cracked. This also broke the retention spring in the camera and cards no longer click in. I stopped using the cracked card but was able to use the other until today (5/20/07) when the second card's case is also started cracking, this time when putting it into the plastic holder.


The first card's crack is across the back, the second is right at the cut off corner splitting along the housing. The cards were not forced in either case.


I am going to get the camera memory slot repaired myself but wanted to find out about replacing the broken memory cards.


Thank you


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