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Corsair flash voyager GT 4gb Trouble


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Hello, since 2 weeks I've had a flash voyager GT 4Gb.


I had these 2 weeks off so I didn't use the drive much.


The problem however is the drive only worked about 4 times.

I put some files on the drive and when i wanted to share these files with a friend the device was not recognised, after a few tries it did work however.

But now all I see are error messages that the device is not recognised by windows

It states the unknown device is installed and ready for use.


I have this problems on both my pc's and my laptop.


When it does work it will only work for about 30 seconds then the drive will disconnect and vanish from the device list resetting the whole progress.


My computers run the following operating systems


Windows XP Professional

Windows Vista business

Windows Vista Ultimate


Also, sometimes nothing at all happens when inserting the flash drive.


The flash drive never left my room never fell or anything.

The (internet) store I bought it from has a 8 days warrantee wich has passed.

Do I offer it to corsair for repairs?


Thanks in advance, I'm waiting for a reply.

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Sounds dead, I do beleave corsair has a lifetime warranty on stuff? Ram guy will tell you who to ask for a RMA wait for him!


Same thoughs here, thinking its ill to say the least

as for warranty, 10 Years for this baby

But yes I'm waiting for Ram guy as making this post is needed for submitting an RMA request.

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Let's get it replaced, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace them or it.


I've got some remarks about the RMA procedure


The Online RMA Request form did not work even after waiting for 48+ hours no responce, not even a confirmation mail.


Sending a mail manually to warranty@corsairmemory.com resulted in the same, no responce at all.


http://tsxpress.corsairmemory.com/ wich I just tried immediately replies with a confirmation, lets hope they also reply with details as promised


As for the phone number you give in some threads (888-222-4346) could you give a country code with it?

Its quite frustrating having no responce to emails and RMA forms and after that i'll have to go and figure out wich country code i'm supposed to use to call.


Please don't take this the wrong way, but I felt saying this was needed when i browse threads all i see is 'i used the form and i had no reply after a week'.


With that being said keep up the good work glad someone is responding ;)

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Trent, I dont know what country you are in, you would need to ask the operator there for the Country Code for USA, but I think its 011 and if you are not in the USA you would need to call 510-657-8747 instead. Or you can send an email to Rma@corsairmemory.com along with all of your information and CC it to Ramguy@corsairmemory.com I will make sure they answer you right away.
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