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Is My PSU Powerful Enough To Run This?


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Hi All..


Im currently in the process of purchasing the ATI X2900 graphic card.. I have an ATI X1800XT at the moment but im getting the 2900..


My setup consists of the following :-


Asus P5B WiFi Deluxe Motherboard

Intel Core 2 Duo 6400 Running At 3.2GHZ

2 Gig Corsair Dominator 800MHZ Memory

3 x Internal Hard Drives

3 x Internal Dvd Writers

Alphacool LCD Display

Asus Silent Square CPU Cooler

520 Corsair HX Modular Power Supply

ATI 2900 (In The Next Week Or So)


Can anyone tell me if this power supply will be enought to run the above setup comfortably or will it struggle??

I purchased the Power supply about 3 weeks ago from Overclockers UK and the guy behind the counter said that it would run the setup above with no problems... But since I've read that the 2900 does consume a lot of power i'm now not so sure that it will run ok or now?


Any help is much appreciated...




P.S you can email me direct on 'seanbarb@blueyonder.co.uk'

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