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CMX 512-3200C2PT and TWINX1024-3200C2PT Dual Channel Problems


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Has anyone had any issues using utilizing duel channel when using TWINX1024-3200C2PT in conjunction with two sticks of CMX 512-3200C2PT? I recently added one of the CMX 512-3200C2PT to my machine from another recently and found that dual channel was disabled. I know my mobo supports this function and my BIOS is the newest revision. I have tested the dual channel operation using all four combinations of the RAM modules and concluded that there is only one module the does not permit duel channel to function. All modules have been tested and work on their own also at the correct speeds including the suspect module.

What is worse is that when all four modules are used on my motherboard the frequency seems to inexplicably drop to 333MHz. I assume there is a way of dealing with the frequency in the BIOS but I am not entirely sure what the outcome would be or how complex this operation would be to perform as I have little experience of the more advanced features of my motherboard's BIOS.


My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro SLI and the Core is an AMD64 3200

Venice, if it's any help.

Could any please give me some help dealing with this, or would this be an RMA job?

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With that MB all of the modules would need to be exactly matched both in part# and revision, what is the revision of all your modules?


As I said they are all CMX512-3200C2PT modules the revisions of the matched pair I believe are v5.2, the oldest module which works with either of the matched pair) is 1.2 and the one which is causing all the problems is a 3.2 revision. Because the 1.2 module works fine with the matched pair modules fine means that revision shouldn't be an issue unless there is something very wrong with the 3.2.


Also I found that trying to match any of the others with the 3.2 version results in the frequency of both being reduced to 333MHz/166MHz.


Now here's where it gets plain messed up. I recently used CPU-Z to take a look at the timings and whatnot of my machine and according to this program the CL is 3 rather than the CL2 advertised and printed on the chip. This is the same for all three modules not previously under scrutiny.




I checked the 3.2 one, when set up and it appears to be CL2.5. Yet on paper these are the same modules of RAM with the same spec.

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All of the modules will need to be the exact same part# and revision, if you purchased them at different times that may be why they do not match. But I am sorry that is normal and why we do not suggest mixing memory.
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