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Problem with HX520W


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I've just bought a HX520W to replace an old Nexus. I've a FoxConn NF4K8AC - RS1.0 Motherboard that always worked with the Nexus.


After connecting all cables of HX520W, I switched on and noticed that all fans are working at maximum speed and the MB can't reach BIOS stage: MB doesn't even play the usual beep.


I've already tried every possible combination of cable connections (EX: all cables connected; only the 24-pin cable connected etc...) and it is always the same thing.


It won't play a beep leaving the MB alone with the 24-pin cable too!


The strange thing is that I've seen it working on another computer, so it isn't dead!


What can i do???? :confused: :confused: :confused:

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