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Is there any problems running Twin CM2X1024-6400 on AW9D-Max?


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Is there any problems running 2X Twin CM2X1024-6400 on AW9D-Max?

I bought these before you posted a compatibility page and that page.

The settings are 5-5-5-12 and they are non EPP so any suggestions as to what settings I may run as some programs like SiSoft does not see all the ram?

What should I expect since non-EPP as well as timings?

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Why would I want to run 800 @ 667?

Bios auto sets V at 2.00 anyways.


Why would I not want use the timings of the ram I have rather than let bios set it as it does set it wrong @ 5-5-5-18.


Why should I not be very angry that a top brand maker of memory sells stuff that does not work on main stream and above mother boards.


AND I am angry after spending that kind of money on 4 gigs of matched ram to be told this as well as the reseller that said it was EPP.


Am very very angry and want to know what problems I may expect by running the ram at it's rating or pushed as thats why I bought the frigging ram for.



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