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1GB module for iBook?


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I'm trying to figure out whether I was sent the wrong RAM or my computer just doesn't like it. I've been a big fan of the Value Select line for a while, so naturally that's what I got when I decided my old iBook needed it. Officially, it doesn't support anything bigger than 512MB modules, but that's because when it was released there weren't any compatible 1GB modules. Since then, though, plenty of people have had good luck with 1GB modules, so that shouldn't be a problem.


Here's where the real problem does come in. Technically, it takes PC2100 SO-DIMMs, and I've been using a PC2100 one just fine for a while (VS512SDS266). What I just got to replace it is PC3200 (VS1GSDS400), because it was a very good price and should at least in theory possibly be backward compatible.


Encouragingly, it boots fine with the new one. Strangely, it's reported as being PC2700 and only 512MB instead of 1GB. I kind of assumed that it'd either work or not work, not work half-assedly, but here it is. I'm wondering what the odds are of a couple different things. Is it halfway incompatible with my computer? Was I sent the wrong RAM, despite it having a sticker on it with the right product number? Is my computer just being a dumbass (No Mac jokes, please. Don't even get me started on my (PC) desktop that sucks at life and won't even POST. At least I have a working power supply for it now. Heh.)?

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