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I broke my atx cable


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Hi new here! :o:

Yesterday i purchased an HX-620W in order to power my also new x1950pro agp. I can say i'm impressed with this psu's quality! Loved it on 1st sight.

But since yesterday i also hate my self :mad: . U see as a noob in building pc's

while trying to separate the 4pin connector from the 24 pin atx cable i accidentally broke it's plastic housing on the now 20pin atx power cable so badly that connectors in that side of it can be easily seen from the broken corner :pop(: .

So can u plz tell me what can i do to repair it now? It's not actually a functionality problem (until now at least) but i wish i can get it repaired. So if u are plz kind enough to tell me what are my options now? May i send it back to corsair for repair or should i contact a local electronics engineer to repair it for me? Of course i acknowledge that repair costs are on me but i hate to see this beautifully crafted psu like this.

Sry for bad english - i'm in greece

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