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Boots with either stick, but not with both together


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My computer enters into a boot loop when I turn it on. I have two sticks of RAM. When I ran MemTest 86+ v 1.70 one of the sticks ran through completely with no errors. The other stick caused the program to freeze at 14:45 at test #8 [modulo 20, ones & zeros], still showing no errors. When I boot with either stick individually, I am able to make it to the windows log in screen. When I try to boot with both sticks it enters into a boot loop.
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Ram Guy,


Module Part #: VS512MB400

Mobo: ASRock 939Dual-Sata2

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (1800 MHz)

FSB: Can't find this information, but the front of the Mobo box says, "FSB 1,000 MHz, Dual Channel DDR400"

Bios Settings:




Overclock Mode: [AUTO]

Boot Failure Guard: [Enabled]

Spread Spectrum: [Auto]

Cool' n' Quiet: [Enabled]


Multiplier/Voltage Change: [Auto]


Memory Clock: [Auto]

Flexibility Option: [Disabled]

Bank Interleaving: [Auto]

Burst Length: [4 Beats]

CAS Latency (CL): [Auto]

TRCD: [Auto]

TRAS: [Auto]

TRP: [Auto]

MA Timing: [Auto]


Advanced DRAM Config: [Auto]


All RAM settings are grayed out, meaning you can't change them.

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