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RMA Matched pair

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I built 7 systems using the Shuttle XPC SD37P2 V2 barebones. I purchased 14 sets of 2GB ram and installed 4GB of RAM on each machine (4 sticks total in each machine). I got two sets DOA which were exchanged by the reseller, but a month has passed and now I have another bad stick of RAM. I know it is bad because the PC started blue screening constantly, I then ran memtest and got errors. I then tested all 4 modules one at a time and finally found the bad one which spits lots of errors with memtest. I have also replaced the bad pair with another pair to bring the computer back to 4GB of ram and it has been running fine since then. So I am sure I have one bad stick of RAM.


I need an RMA for this memory. Since it was a matched pair, do I need to send both modules? Here is the info:


CM2X1024-6400C4 (XMS6404v2.1) DDR II 800 4-4-4-12. The serial numbers in the modules are consecutive 789548 and 789549. Only the first module is BAD.


I have the 7 systems that I built running with the memory at 2.1Volts from the motherboard but only at 667Mhz since the systems won't boot at 800Mhz.


Please authorize asap so that I can fill out RMA form.

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