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Will Taking off the H/S Void the warrenty?


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You used to post more info on these IC's I.E. wether they were Micron 64x8 "533MHz, 667MHz, 800MHz" etc... are you saying that the lot codes don't provide this information anymore or ever did and that all your previous inquiry's are wrong?
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??? How could they be wrong if they're the SAME?


Here's the skinny:


DDR1s ALWAYS need all 3 pieces of info.

DDR2s only need the part # / version #. The bulk of the lot # was simply the week / year, along with some unknown information only privy to Corsair.


Like Ram Guy said, whatever the IC manufacturers rated an IC at is irrelevant because Corsair does more thorough testing than them, if they've done any testing at all. Like Ram Guy said, they'll get ICs that are marked as something, yet not actually tested / sorted by the IC manufacturer, as that's how they request them. Yes, you want to know what the IC manufacturer rated the IC at because you feel / believe / think that they'll definitely do that speed, but then you've got to refer to what I just referred to, that those markers may not have been tested at all!



As for taking off your heatspreaders / heatsinks, YES, that WILL void the warranty!

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Please remove my handle from your forums.


Title says it all.


I have tried many times to mention here that I am moving on to a different manufacturers RAM modules due to the pigheadedness and neglect I have gotten after my thousands of dollars I have given to Corsair.


They seem to not want to remove me from here. I don't want any part of Corsair anymore. I know they have seen this post cause they have altered my post how strange don't you think, that they would alter my post but not delete it.

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