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Striker Extreme + TWIN2X2048-6400C4PRO boot problems


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I have an ASUS Striker Extreme (Bios 1102) with TWIN2X2048-6400C4PRO 2 x 1GB kit.


Memory voltage is set to AUTO


4-4-4-12-2T timings


The problem is every time I cold boot, the system hangs on "DET DRAM" (detecting DRAM) on the LCD poster.


If I then switch it off and back on really quickly the system will then boot - the BIOS adjusts timings to 5-5-5-18-1T and reports the error, I then go back in re-set the timings and everything is fine.


The system is completely stable minus this issue.


It does NOT seem to be a power supply issue - all hard drives / DVD / usb devices unplugged still yields the same problem.


Other system specs:

- Intel E6600

- EN8800GTX

- Thermaltake Tough Power 600W

- Lian Li v1000+ case

- 2 x Seagate SataII HDD


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I borrowed a mates TWIN2X2048-6400C4 plain old XMS2 without the flashy leds etc and this works perfectly at full timings. Cold boots, reboots etc etc no problems.


I can also put this memory in any of the banks in any combination e.g. A1+B1, A1+A2, A1 only, B1+B2 etc (can not have anything in A1 with the C4Pro's - even if just a single stick - causes DET DRAM).


I can also run this memory in SLI Expert mode and it works a treat, this causes the old DET DRAM with the other modules.


I must say it really does not seem like a PSU or m/b issue - the cheaper ram works without a hitch. Maybe an incompatibility between the m/b and the ram.


Is the only difference the heatsink and the leds ?

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Looking at your website - it seems that the C4 and C4Pro are exactly the same chipset, speeds everything except for the large heatsink and lights..... does this mean there is something wrong with my memory??


I have had a bit more of a play around tonight - tried setting timings back to auto and start to increment the voltage - started 1.875, then 1.9 ok but still having boot issues, then 1.925v - no more, will not boot full stop - reset CMOS.

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I have managed to resolve the issue - about to send it off on memtest for a while however the RAM does not appear to be faulty!


I bit the bullet and pulled the entire system apart set it up out of the case with nothing but the m/b and memory, and video card on and off to set up the bios.


Once I made these adjustments - the memory runs at the correct timings 4-4-4-12-2T - albeit not via "SLI" EPP and at 1.9v:


vMem = 1.9v

1.2 HT = 1.25v

NB = 1.25v

SB = 1.5v

CPU VTT = 1.35v


I can turn some of these back to auto but these settings work everytime - boots and reboots without an issue - so I am sticking with it!


Cancel my RMA and thanks for your assistance.

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