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Dominator 8500C5D - 2 faulty sticks


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I have 2x2GB Dominator 8500C5D pairs.


Pair 1 -One stick is fine, the other will ony work if the Voltage is set to 2.4


Pair 2 - One stick will not complete post at any settings, Hangs at EM64T CPU at boot screen.


I replaced the motherboard thinking that was the problem.

(EVGA 680i P28 BIOS)


This system has not been overclocked, and ram voltage has always been 2.2V (Except when testing pair 1!)




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I am 100% sure one dimm is faulty as it will not complete post at any voltage/freqency setting, I have tested it on two 680i motherboards.


I will RMA the pair this one belongs too - the other pair seem fine at 2.3V (any problems long term with this voltage?)


Could you explain why you think it is not the memory?


Many thanks for your help RAM Guy.



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Hi again, I filled in the RMA form last time I posted, but was taken back to the corsair homepage, I have not had any emails or contact from them, did it not go through?

I didn't want to fill it in again incase it did go through!



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