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Frustrating Memory Problem with Corsair Dominator Ram and Asus P5W DH Deluxe

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To make this explanation easier to understand I'm going to refer to the ram as stick 1 and stick 2.


Computer hangs at startup and gives no bios beep with stick 1 and stick 2 installed. Fans all start but no bios beep and computer refuses to boot with the two sticks of Ram installed. Sometimes if I restart the computer over and over again I get a successful boot! Very strange? On the odd occasion the computer has turned itself off by itself too.


I have used memtest seperately on both sticks and got no errors. I tested both sticks together and got no errors. I also tested each Dimm slot seperately and got no errors.


If I remove stick 2 my computer boots perfectly with one stick 100% of the time. If I use stick 2 on it's own the computer will boot sometimes but not all the time. The problem seems to be with stick 2 but it's confusing as it seems to work sometimes and shows no errors with memtest. Any suggestions would be very helpful. I am using a P5W DH Deluxe MB with Intel Core 2 Duo E6600. I have manually set the ram timings to 4,4,12,20 and Dram Frequency set to 800MHZ. My FSB:DRAM Setiing is 4:5. My CPU multiplier is set to 9 and my bus speed is 266MHz. My FSB is 1066MHz. My bios version is 2004 which is the latest version.


I also ran prime95 for 6 hours and got no errors. It's wierd. I'd like to try two new sticks of Ram to put my mind at rest unless anyone has any other suggestions for me?


Any help would be very much appreciated as I need my computer for music production and this problem means I can't work. Thanks.

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Oh, I also just disabled the Quick Boot setting in the bios and something new is happening. I'm getting a single bios beep at startup and then another single bios beep just before the motherboard hands booting over to windows.


Hope this helps.

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