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Xms twin dominator 8500 mobo..


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ive heard many many MANY issues with dominator ram and 680 i mobo`s


i already bought corsair dominator 8500 1066 mhz ram that goes at 2.2 volts


I want a evga 680 i board but ther seems to be tons of problems cuz of voltage or something .. 2.4 ram volts seem to be rele bad but 2.2 are a little better.


if you have no advice for the evga board and my ram , what would be a better alternative 680 i board for my ram that would be compatible? thanks and sorry for the hard question.

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  • Corsair Employees
I am sorry I cannot suggest one MB maker over another, if that is what you are asking. All I can tell you would be there have been some users complaining of failing memory with that MB, but I have not personally seen it where I could say its a memory or MB problem. The best advise I can give you would be one you have decided on the model of MB you want do a search on http://www.google.com for that MB in several forums and see what type of issues people are having. But its best to take that kind of information with a grain of salt and really look at the errors and see if bottom line users are getting a solution. There are some things to consider with this type of search, for example the Volume of the specific MB if its a really popular model there will be more people having problems. Many of the MB makers do not offer much support for trouble shooting issues so don't be too quick to judge the problems you see. So in my opinion you have to consider the user level reporting the problems. So just keep and open mind is the best thing.
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