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ASRock 775Dual-VSTA and DDR2 667


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I presently have an ASRock 775Dual-VSTA motherboard. This board is a bit of a hybrid and allowed me to keep my AGP graphics card , ATA HDD's and 1GB of DDR400 ram. I have since upgrade the graphics card to a Asus EN7600GT and the next step in my gradual upgrade is 2 move to 2Gb of DDR2 667 ram.


I was gifted a 2GB of kit of DDR2 667 ram of another manufacturer which initially failed to post, then after somwe tweaking would load to Windows XP desktop, then either throw me back to desktop when loading games, or worse all the way back to boot.


I returned the offending ram, swapped for another set of the same with the same problem. So I returned this for an outright refund and I am now looking to find some DDR2 667 ram that won't cause me any grief. So here I am.


I tried the memory configurator but although it had ASRock listed as brand, my model motherboard was not listed. I selected a close proximity but all it listed was DR400 options,despite the board being listed as supporting DDR667.


Am I just out of luck here, and despite the board claiming support for DDR2 667 it doesn't ?? The ASRock tech support crew are on a weeks break at the moment so no help there. Any input would be appreciated. I am looking at the Corsair Value range preferably as they should suit what I need and overclocking is not an issue for me at the moment.


Thanks in advance.

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Correct - you cannot mix the DDR1 and DDR2 ram. It has 2 slots for each type which are mutually exclusive.


And that module was what I was able to come up with as my best bet as well. Bought it today, it posted as DDR2 533 under autosetup so a quick reboot telling it is DDR2 667 and all is functioning perfectly.


Thanks for the help.



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