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Dual GPU Compatability


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I have Two EVGA Geforce 7950 GT KO Video cards, I purchase from zip zoom fly, Only place I could find the Dual GPU Cooler for the Nautilus 500, The Connector for the dual GPU's Blocks the SLI connector between the cards, It did show as compatable listing on the web site when I bought it. Is there options for the connector so I can still attach the SLI connector. I noticed Threads on the inside of the GPU Coolers, where I might use a different type of Connecting piece for the Water cooling... Although I don't know the thread type or size, I'm running this sytem on VISTA 64 home premium. and I have to reinstall the drivers daily, I think it's cause I couldn't attach the SLI connectors and I'm trying to run in SLI Mode. Any help Much appreaciated.
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I notices the threads and the Screw Holes on the Hose Side, and switched them. I was able to Sqweeze the SLI connector under the hoses on the other side. my cooling was not affected, as I run them at 36 and 40C. It's not leaking and the GPU's are running in SLI successfully, Although I have other issues causing a total system powerdown without warning. I think this has been resolved.


Here's the Gamer Box

Asus P5N32 Sli-SE Deluxe

Intel 6600mhz dual core

dual 7950 GT with 512mb ea.

dual 250gb striped

22 in Widescreen Samsung 2ms

Vista 64 home premium

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