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PC3200 Memory Compatible with ANY PC3200 System?


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I tried searching for the answer to this question in this forum but couldn't find it, so I'm bugging you all, sorry.

(as you read this, also keep in mind that I'm unfortunately cursed with an "I've got to have the best" mindset)


As the topic title suggests, I'm wondering why I can't use any brand/type of PC-3200 memory sticks in my MB; An ASUS P5PE-VM, (latest revision).


As I happily began my memory shopping, I came accross some comments stating that not all 3200 memory works with all PC3200 MBs. Now I'm no longer comfortable with the idea of purchasing memory by just searching for DIMMs marked as PC3200.

All I want to do is buy a really good pair of memory sticks. :'(


- Can I shop for memory by just looking for sticks marked as PC-3200, or is there really more to it?

- All PC-3200 memory is DDR1 400mhz and 184 pins correct?

- Do older chipsets have any problems handling low latency high performance memory modules?


I've found Corsair to have some of the best performance stats compaired to most other vendors, and would like to purchase a pair of high performance 1GB DIMMs. Such as the PC3200's listed here: http://www.corsairmemory.com/corsair/xms.html


The Corsair Memory Configurator only recommends the Value Select modules for my MB while the manual, (2006 Revision), lists a couple of the XMS DIMMs as being compatable; The XMS3202v3.1 and XMS3205v1.2. (yes, I'm confused)


Soooooo...Any advice that can get through my thick skull would be greatly appreciated. (my brain hurts) :bigeyes:

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As the topic title suggests, I'm wondering why I can't use any brand/type of PC-3200 memory sticks in my MB; An ASUS P5PE-VM, (latest revision).


The short answer is NO and the Long answer is maybe but most likely NO. You are welcome to try it but I would not suggest mixing memory with any system as it will be hit and miss.


If you are adding to what you have now you would need to match them both in part# and revision, or replace all of the memory you have now. Sorry!

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Thanks for the reply. I apologize for not stating my question clearly. I tend to babble on and on sometimes, sorry.


I do know that mixing different memory brands, types, or even revisions of the same model is not a good idea. (I've seen you give the same advice in other threads)


The question I'm trying to get answered is... Are all PC3200 memory modules compatible with all PC3200 systems?

I'm not planning on mixing different types of memory. I'm just concerned that there may be more to memory shopping than just matching the type of memory to the type of memory slots a motherboard is equipped with.


For example: The XPERT series modules can be purchased in PC3200 form, and the pdf spec doc says "Compatible with any PC3200 system". Could I buy a pair of those and be certain that they'll work in my motherboard? (or any others listed as PC3200)


I'm asking because Corsairs, and other vendors, Memory Configurator doesn't list any high performance PC3200 DIMMs as being compatible with my PC3200 equipped MB.


I hope that was better. Thank you for your patience.

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Only the Value Select modules appear for your motherboard in the Corsair Memory Configurator because that motherboard has no provision at all whatsoever to manually adjust the DIMM voltage. The Corsair XMS/TWINX modules/kits require a DIMM voltage setting of at least 2.75V in order to run reliably - but the fixed DIMM voltage on the P5PE-VM motherboard doesn't go anywhere near high enough to run the XMS/TWINX modules/kits properly. And any DDR motherboard with a permanently fixed DIMM voltage runs its memory at between 2.5V and 2.6V - too low for any of the performance-oriented modules.


And neither of the XMS modules that you have listed are manufactured any longer - the XMS3202 (CMX/TWINX####-3200C2) series versions now being produced may not be identical or even comparable to the version Asus tested, while the XMS3205 series modules of any type (this corresponds to the CMX/TWINX####-3200LL series) are no longer in production.

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Darn voltage! :brick:


Thanks for the IT lesson. That's one more 'bit' of computer knowledge for the ol' brain.


I'm glad I asked or I would've ended up buying the PC3200 memory with the lowest latency timings. You know, I don't recall seeing any memory ads posting a voltage setting requirement for the modules they were selling.

I bet incompatible modules are sold to uneducated consumers all the time. Especially when many ads will say "Compatible with any PC3200 system", when they really are not.


I thought getting memory would be a cake-walk, but it turned out to be the the most difficult component to match to my MB. Picking out a compatible PSU, GPU, and CPU was much easier for me. It makes me respect all you IT Guru's even more. I feel like I'd need a PHD in Computer Science to really comprehend what's going on inside these machines.

(when my son asks me how a 'puter works I say "It's magic!", and leave it at that)


Anyhoo... this is my first build, so I really appreciate the help. I've only worked with a Dell PC that has a VERY limited BIOS. (I could change the AGP aperture setting. woot!)


Take care and keep on educating us newbs.

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