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bizzard buzzing experience


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Hi there, I have a very weird problem with buzzing and I have run out of ideas for testing.



I have a seasonic 500watts and an ocz8800gtx video card. a evga 7900gt ko video card and the recently purchased Corsair 620HX 620watts


a. with setup of

i.seasonic 500watts + evga 7900gt

ii. corsairs 620watts + evga 7900gt.

on idle or load the system is very quiet. no buzzing at all running games, 3dmark06 or ati tool stress test.


b. with setup of

i seasonic 500 watts + ocz8800gtx

I can hear faint to loud buzzing from just the video card, whenever I run 3dmark06 and ati tool. Games like counterstrike source has no buzz but Oblivion has very loud buzzing as I've turned on the max setting.


to see if I am running out of power and in preparation for future upgrades, I went ahead and purchased a Corsair 620hx from directcanada.ca

so setup of

ii corsair 620 watts + ocz8800gtx

the situation has gone worse. I can hear much louder buzzing from both the powersupply and the 8800gtx video card now even counterstrike source produces buzz.


This is so bizzare. I have already rma'd once my video card and am prepared to do a second time(this time directly with oczcustomer service, instead of retail store)


Am I missing something here? On idle the corsair is as quiet as my seasonic s12-500 but it's cant match my seassonic on load, even though both seem to have a problem.

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hi Ram Guy,


I am simply searching for answers.


I have finally shipped the psu unit in question back to DirectCanada today.

I'll see if I get a replacement.


I'll update on this thread when I heard back from them.



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