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Hi whoever needs to see this i have a problem with 1 of 2 sticks of my corsair cmx512-4000/eu like a post similar in the forum booting became a problem until no boot at all.

Although not qualified i know that firstly do some swapping of the rams in an anti static enviroment and check each stick in different slots. Simply with 1 it worked and 1 it didn't. The conclusion was dead ram, but to check in another system crossed my mind just to satisfy that it wasnt motherboard or something else giving grief. Again checked this and didnt work so conclusion was right just one intermitant beep upon pushing the power button.

I have been told by friends to go through this website to enquire about an RMA no: but that also you might not make this type of ram anymore and ifso how does this effect the lifetime warranty. hoping you reply swiftly.. :(


Half gig is sucky.. boo hoo.

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