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TwinX CMX-512 3200XLPT Error


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I've had freeze ups and random restarts, which I've had problems with before, mainly two years back as logged in this thread. I had the one stick replaced, but I'm not certain if it's the stick from the original or the replacement that's currently giving me problems. I ran MemTest on each module individually and seated them into each slot for different tests. One stick ran fine, but the others gave me countless errors.


Here are my BIOS settings as per suggestions on this board that I've been running for the past few years:

CAS Latency Time 2.0

ACT to Precharge Delay 6

DRAM To RAS to CAS Delay 3

DRAM To RAS to precharge 2

DDR SDRAM Voltage 2.7


Abit IS7 with newest BIOS updates

P4 3.0c w/ 800Mhz FSB w/ all CPU settings set at defaults

Performance settings all set at default as well.



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