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VS1GSDS667D2 and MacBook Pro

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Hey there,


It seems that I have the same issue as a few others with the VS1GSDS667D2 and the MacBooks. My system started randomly rebooting, so I ran the Apple hardware diag, and everything came back fine. Took the computer to Apple. They checked the RAM with the same tool, plus another tool that they didn't mention by name and said things were fine with the RAM, and that they were going to replace the logic board. Well I get the system back and sure enough it still reboots on its own. So I finally put the original RAM back in the system and it has been stable for a week.


I'd like to get both sticks of VS1GSDS667D2 replaced if I could.


I already opened a case on the main site. #154454


Thanks in advance,



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