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CMX1024-3200c2pt failure

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I have an AN8 Fataility motherboard with an AMD Athlon 64/32 Dual core.


I purchased the unit from Monarch Computers(who are now out of business).


It came with 2 gig of Corsair memory and I purchased an additional 2gig from them back in Dec 2005.


The OS was originally WinXP and most recently I converted the machine to a server running Win2k.


I recently started to experience IO errors on my Drives - STATA drives that I had just purchased. I thought that the drives were bad, but, when the errors started occuring over time on the replacement drives I started to suspect that it was something else.


Recently, the computer would not even boot into the bios. I then started to remove the memory, piece by piece until the OS finally loaded. But then the OS could not start due to IO problems as well.


To make a long story short, I had to reformat the HD and I am now running Win2003. With a new OS install, I started to experience the following error when booting up: unable to find sys\nt.sys (or something close to that filename). I started the recovery program using the original installation DVD, but that continually started to fail on the recovery of a file that it was trying to wite to the hard drive. I have several DVDs with Win2003 and each of them continued to fail at the same point which made things very suspicious.


At this point I decieded to remove all memory from the machine and boot with only one stick at a time - eventually I discovered the one bad module. If it is present, I get the unable to find nt.sys file, but, if any one of the other 3 are used there is no error. My machine has been up and running without incident for several days now without any issues using the remaining 3 modules of 3 gig each.


The stick is:

platinum series

XMS3202v2.2 05492 19-4

1gig 400mhz cl2


Thanks for your help in getting me an RMA number so that I can get this replaced.

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