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Failing XMS2-5400

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Dear RAM GUY,:sunglasse


I am sure I have a failing stick of 1GB DDR2 XMS2-5400C4.


I built my system in Dec 2006 using Asus P5B deluxe Wi-Fi board with 2GB of XMS2-5400C4 Pro TwinX. Updated the motherboard BIOS first as there was a big (1HR!) delay in booting up, then all went well, except for the odd restart on boot or shortly after but not often enough to give me a chance to investigate.


A few weeks ago my system started to restart over and over again. I replaced the hard drive and installed a fresh OS (XP Pro). Installing the OS I kept getting a failed install, but I eventually got there. I then started getting various pop up warnings of graphic driver errors or memory read errors. I updated the graphic driver but still got bad VGA driver problems and decided I would need to replace the Graphic card with an identical new one (if that wasn’t the problem then I could at least Crossfire them, as I have now done).

The new card didn’t cure the VGA warnings. Next day the system started to reboot over and over once again, now it was time to move memory around the slots. That made no difference so out came one stick. Now with one stick in slot A1 the system booted up and ran without trouble for hours. I then swapped the sticks around (same A1 slot), the system refused to boot at all. Swapped them back and the system ran well. Next day it would not start at all so I took the PC (minus the failing 1GB stick) to a local PC repair shop. They ran tests and found no hardware problems but found a corrupted XP installation, repaired that, unloaded my wallet, and now the system is running fine, with just the one stick of the pair of memory.


CPU runs at 35c (Asus probe) and memory is set in Bios to run at 2.10v


Have tried to run memtest86+. Burnt it to a CD but even when set DVD rom drive first boot in BIOS it fails to run and Windows just starts. As I can’t get the system to start with the bad stick in a slot it would seem that I am in bad need of a RMA form.


Retailers of my Corsair memory advised me to go direct to Corsair warranty, even though the memory is only five months into use, don’t think I’ll be dealing with them again.


BTW, the fancy lights that flash up and down the memory when its running, does that give any signs of trouble as the bad stick didn’t always manage to light all the led’s on the way up to red?


Many thanks

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