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I have the same ram just received as a replacement

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and it's total garbage. cannot hit the rated specs at any voltage without thousands of errors. The best it can do is 1016@ 5-5-5-15-42- 2T at 2.3 without failing memtest miserably. I suspect its over clocked 667..


Now what I mean by total garbage is that it does not do what it is advertised to do. I saw a great deal on newegg for Crucials ballistix tracers, and they pass all memtest's BELOW speced voltages and hit 1200@ 2.4 voltage, 5-5-5-15-30 2T on my 965 board!! Ill bet they can do allot more on an Nvidia based board!! << and thats 4 GIGS of 2x1 4 SLOTS!! I have not yet tested 2 gigs alone. 1000@ 2.25 4-4-4-14-30 2T passed memtest.




I am having nothing but issues with this co lately and I've bought thousands from them in the past. I am considering opening these up to void the warranty to take a look exactly what IC'S they are using and PCB.


I have an open issue ongoing. I made them an offer, if they so choose to reject that offer, then I will do what is necassary to obtain end user satisfaction :)

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