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Looking for Memory Upgrade


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Hi all,


I have looking for new memory to upgrade my rig to 2Gig of ram. Primary

use is for gaming and it seems that the newer games are requiring more

and more memory. I generally have no problems running most games with

my current system, however BF2 gives my drives a workout when it

closes and I get some slowdown in-game as it pages.


In my search for memory I was looking to get some Twinx2048-4000pt and

just replace my existing memory, but it apppears that these sticks are getting

pretty scarce. So i am thought I would ask here in these forums if anyone

has any suggestions for replacements. I would like to keep my 500 speed

and keep the 3-4-4-8 timings. This system has been rock solid since the

day I built it.


Any ideas would be appreciated.


Current memory settings:


Core @ 250Mhz

Memory @ 500

FSB @ 1000Mhz

Core V @ 1.565

DDR v @ 2.75

AGP v @ 1.60

AGP/PCI @ 66.66/33.33

DRAM @ 3-4-4-8

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I am sorry but most DDR1 production has moved to DDR2, for that reason most of the High End DDR1 IC makers have stopped all DDR1 production. Right now the fastest DDR1 modules we still make would be Twinx2048-3200C2.
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Thanks for the reply. Well it looks like I may have missed the boat. :[pouts:

If I were to upgrade to 2Gig of PC3200C2 ram, with my currrent setup

what would you recommend for memory settings to start. Like I said

in my previous post, the current overclock on this system has been

rock solid since day one. I am not looking for the highest numbers in

speeds tests. Just a system that will be stable with the best overclock.


I came to these forums when I began my search for a great system

to build, and I have not been disappointed. These componants with

these setting have served me very well. I am looking forward to a

couple more years before doing another build. Any help would be




Sniffles :biggrin:

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