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Problem with RMA R245166

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I've just received my parcel from Corsair with my replacement memory.

BUT I have the same problem as it is mentionned in this thread (http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=59718).

I explain :

I've got a problem with one of my two modules composing my Twinx memory (i.e. 2 x CMX1024-3200C2PT). So I've contacted the RMA support to have a RMA number.

But as it is mentionned in the return notice I've sent to the support the two modules BUT I've recieved ONLY ONE !!!

so now I have only one giga memory instead of 2 giga !


I've just send to RamGuy and to RMA support a mail but I've prefered to create a thread too in this forum. just because I've found the thread mentionned below.


I hope that the end of this problem will have a positive issue (as it happened in the thread I've mentionned.)


Thanks for your response



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I will try to phone tomorrow. but a little question : is there someone speaking french at support ?

ecause it will be more easy for me to explain my problem without searchinf for "all of my words !"


I don't forget to post here the next steps of my problem.



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hi Ramguy,


after your message I received this message :biggrin: from support :


"Hi Coste,


We have your RMA updated, and we will ship your replacement unit today TWINX2048-3200C2PT. We apologize for the mixed up.


RMA Support"


I want to say that it's very fast and good support. I know now why I choose Corsair as my prefered memory company ! :D:


I will wait for your parcel now...It's a long time without my real computer.:laughing:


Many thanks



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I've just received my UPS tracking number !


So one more time, I say that I'm very pleased to see how is manage your support.


It's the most important thing for a good client relationship.


Don't forget that I make ads (i.e: talk in good terms about your company and services) for you in France !




Samuel (an ever Corsair's client...in french, we say : " un client fidèle ! ")


And I will tell you then it's (the parcel) been here in France.

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