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Problem with a MicroSD 2Gb

Souls Destroyer

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Hello world!!


That's my first post on this forum, so I must say "Hello every one, nice to meet you!!" :biggrin:


I recently bought a corsair MicroSD 2Gb to put in my brand new smartphone ( a HTC S3300), but as soon as I transfer more than nearby 650Mb, the transfer crashes, and my smartphone get really really slow!!

Either I make the upload from my PC to the HTC, or directly in the SCcard reader on my computer, the problem remains the same...

Until 600-650Mb, everything goes, above, crash!

And if I remove the SDcard, the smartphone return to its normal speed...


I think my MicroSD has a little problem :biggrin:

But before using warranty service, I must ask here if somebody knows a voodoo ritual or something to transform my demonic MicroSD into a normal one... :evil:


Thanks for reading, and maybe answering...

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