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Bad Value Select Memory

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I have a bad VS512SDS533D2 so I asked for an RMA and I got it like 4 or 5 months ago but I haven't been able to send it and I wanted to know if it's still valid or do I have to ask for another one. Also I've been having some problems with one VS1GSDS533D2 I bought after the other DIMM failed, sometimes my computer freezes so I turn it off and then sometimes it doesn't start so I have to try to turn it on a few times before it boots.


The reason I think my memory is failing is because when I turn it on after it freezes, it does not boot, only the clock in the front of my laptop lights up and the support guys from Alienware told me it was the memory and it was, it booted when I removed the bad DIMM so I wanted to know if I can send this also with the other bad one and buy a new 1gb DIMM while I get this 2 back.


Also, I have another VS512SDS533D2 that's not working because one of the black rectangles is broken so I wanted to know if it's possible to get this one replaced or not. My Laptop is an Area51m 7700 P4 3.2ghz.


Thank You.

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