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Adding New Memory


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Just recently i baught a 1 GB of corsiar value select memory for my system.


I already have 2x512mb xms 3200c2 pro so i though i would add another GB of corsair value select. My motherboard is an ASUS A8N-SLI DELUXE


I have tried just one 512mb of the xms in channel 4 and the new one GB of value select in channel 3 and that worked fine. Then i tried the other 512mb card of xms in channel 1 and 2 and just one of the chip's light up with an orange led's in the middle and the other one doesn't show up anything at all. Then when i boot my computer the screen comes up blank:(

I've really got no idea of what to do. i've tried so many different combinations.


Mabey it needs to be the same on both channels i just don't know.

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