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need a lil help


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RAM Guy,


I have the E6600, BFG 680I sli, EVGA 8800gtx sc, Coolermaster 850 p/s, corsair dom 8500, and some kinston ram. The XXXXXXXXX ram at stock which is 667 mhz is rock stable with the WHQL driver's so far, for the last week no display stopping and restarting. The sec I put the dom 8500'S back in the system at 1066, 800, 667 mhz (4-4-4-12-2t ot 5-5-5-15-2t @2.2v) or looser timeings within an hour or 2 or less the display error comes right back. Also of right now I have no OCing this min and VISTA 32 bit ult is rock stable. I had the Ram RMA'd once already and had the motherboard RMA'd.


Also since i had the ram RMA'd i can't return it to get my money back either. I want to get it to work I didn't a crap load of cash for a paper weight.


I've run memtest and both modules pass. But I have random lock-up's upon boot-up with the dom. They seem stable at 667 mhz but the display error keep's comming back.


Thanks for any help,




Edit: i've read that the 680I mobo's may be overvolting the dimm's. When i get home today I'm going to throw the 8500's back into the system at 2.0-2.1v and see what happens. Wish me luck....

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