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Question with Warranty and Missing Sticker


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i have already posted a question at corsair Express support and my case number is: 148500


but i havent received any replies yet.


anyways here is my question.


i bought a corsair 620HX here in the philippines (Axisglobal as the local supplier here) and the outside the box it is written as 2 years warranty.


isnt the warranty 5 years? then why here in the philippines it is only 2 years =( i got kindda disappointed on that because i was expecting it that the warranty is 5 years as stated on the website.


and also my manual says a Corsair Case Badge is included but when i opened mine it has no Corsair Case Badge (another disappointment) but other than that the PSU works great,


kindda got some issues thou about the warranty and the sticker =( could you guys replace the sticker that was not included in my package, I would be really happy if you could =(


more power corsair

godbless to one and all =)

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  • Corsair Employees

All of our PSU's have a 5 Year Warranty can you take a picture of the Box and mail it to us at Ramguy@corsairmemory.com and include a link to this post and pustr ATT Ram Guy in the subject line?


I just checked the Box and we did not list the warranty on the Box that I have here, maybe the reseller put that on there.


P.S. Please include your contact information and I will see what I can do about the case badge.

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i think so that a sticker has been placed in the box that says it has 2 years warranty.


but it should be 5 years right?


okei im gonna take a picture right now and Email it to you right away,and also thanks for the help with the case badge, im gonna include my address info in my email to you


thanks a lot =) gee this support is really fast =)

thanks a lot godbless



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sir i have emailed Ramguy@corsairmemory.com with the pictures of the box of my corsair 620 watts PSU and also for the contact information regarding my Case badges


also i would like to ask, where would i ask for the 8pin adaptors for the upcoming ati vidcards, i might be planning to get one when they come out,


thanks and more power to you and to Corsair sir

Godbless you and your family ;)

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Ram Guy has stated that it has a 5 year warranty. The website also says this here:



Ask the reseller if they put the 2 year warranty sticker on it. It could be a mistake on their part, or it could be that the reseller will only RMA it for 2 years. Regardless, if it needs an RMA, you can always send it to Corsair for a replacement for the next 5 years.

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i see thanks for all the infos guys


ill try to contact the supplier who sold me to confirm if its 5 years and ill also point them to this thread for clarification thanks alot


P.S Power Guy u got pm ;) about my case badge



edit: PM blocked, emailed u instead with the subject ATT RamGuy and the link to this address


thanks again

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