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Bad RAM?

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I have recently starting having problems with windows completely shutting down on me (no blue screen or anything, just black screen and then reboots). I have run memtest using a combination of the different matched pairs of CMX512-3200C2PT RAM that I have in my system and have managed to isolate it to one particular stick out of the four that I have (I stopped running memtest after racking up over 200,000 errors less than 3 minutes into the test). All other sticks passed no problem.


What do you reckon?



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After getting in touch the other week, I removed the matched pair which contained 1 defective stick, but still came across problems with my computer shutting down on me.


I decided to go back and double-check through the other sticks of RAM. On carrying out memtest on each individual stick I have now found that I am getting errors with one of the other sticks from the other pair (which are not a matched pair). All 4 sticks that I have in my system are CMX512-3200C2PT.


So it would seem that in addition to the matched pair which need replacing, I now need an RMA for another stick...!



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I have tested the different sticks systematically in different slots to try to and make sure that it is not my motherboard or system that is causing the problems.


I have only had these problems with the two sticks that I have mentioned and the errors in memtest are different for each stick. These errors can be reproduced in more than one slot on the motherboard. All other stick pass memtest.


The first stick that I mentioned gave >200,000 errors in the first 3 minutes of testing.


The second stick, which I mentioned yesterday, gave 2 errors after running the first 6 tests (around an hour into the testing regime).


I have also found errors with these sticks (and re-confirmed the others passing) by checking with Orthos on my system and memtest on a friend's system.


In addition to this, my system has been running with two borrowed sticks of another well known brand of memory (beginning with "C") for the past month without any issues.


My system is:

AMD64 X2 4800+

Asus A8N-E SKT 939

Maxtor 7V250F0 250GB SATA300 7200RPM 16MB Cache

Gainward 6800GS BLISS PCI-E 512MB

Soundblaster Live

[4 * CMX512-3200C2PT sticks]


Hope this helps to clear things up a little?



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