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P5wdg2 + 8500 C5df


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I have a P5WDG2 + QX6700 + 8500C5DF


I can't seem to be able to get above 1000Mhz.. not close to the actual rating of the memory.


I read in the other posts that you suggested 2.2V @ 667 @ 4-4-4-12; Isn't this a bit too low ??


I've managed to post at 390 FSB with memory at PC7100 ; loose timings at that. All memtests where ok apart from test number 7. This is the random number generation and it always fails...


To cut the very looong story short, do you have any suggestions as to which settings to use on this board with this ram. I'm not looking to o'clock tremendously just to make it work as close to its ratings as possible.


btw p5wdg2 seems to undervolt, do you think its ok to increase volt to 2.3-2.35 ??


btw i've disables all the automatic memory configurations, i.e. DRAM Throtling, Hyperpath, etc.


thanks a lot!

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That is about normal for this chipset, it will top out about 900-1030 MHz at the extreme with the right over clock able CPU. And did you set the memory Voltage to 2.2 Volts?
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I've set Volt to 2.2 but the mobo seems to undervolt therefore as per my previous question do you think it is a problem to set the voltage at around 2.25-2.30


I tried setting the FSB to 300 with DDR2 1000, 4-4-4-15-4. I tested the system with memtest86. 7 successfull Passes 100% on the 8th pass it came up with 1 error on test 6.


Do you think that one error in 8 passes is a problem???


thanks for the reply

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