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Details for RMA Case [149098]

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Details for RMA Case [149098]

Submitted on: 5/6/2007 @ 8:23PM (PST)



Amazingly, in 12 years this is my first case of memory failure with Corsair. 1 of my CM2X1024-8500C5 (black spreaders) matched set failed MemTest86 (verified by isolating each DIMM and testing in every memory slot) . I didn't find this out of course until neurotically re-installing my OS and attempting to repair every file which reported as "corrupted." Joke's on me, but damn I'll get better at triaging bad memory some day :)



  • Warranty will cover this since they were purchased in Jan 2007.
  • Sending you both memory modules for RMA is a smart idea because I will get back a matched pair with sequential serial numbers.
  • There must be some way I can get a cross-ship guaranteed with a CC number (from the helpful folks at RMA support - 888-222-4346 or 510-657-8747 Ext “0”) so that I'm not down for days, if not weeks.


Thanks for making great memory (again). I like that your CAS latency timings are as-published these days :biggrin:


Those other 3-letter-acronym memory guys stole a lot of business while Corsair products were "in transition" (or whatever it was you were doing other than producing excellent stuff).


Also, no matter what the impatient, irrational flamers are saying in this forum, I'm happy there is at LEAST an active forum no matter what the responses may be. Play enough MMOs and you are delighted just to be un-ignored.


End of Message.

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First off, thanks to "Kim" for giving me an update on the status of my RMA return over the phone 2 weeks ago. To confirm what I was told, there is a backorder on parts that must clear before I can get my replacements.


What is the right way about receiving an ETA? My system has been down since May 10th and my RAM arrived at the RMA department in Fremont on May 21st.


I know there is a policy that the *exact* same parts must be returned, but if there is any way I can pay the difference and upgrade to 2x2048MB modules and get my system up and running sooner, I would do that in a heartbeat.


Thanks again for having this board :)

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Again, warm, receptive customer support at the RMA department voice line.


This time, Genevieve (sp?) was the calming presence on the phone who offered to check with her team to see if there were any options to get my system running again. Understandably, with this backorder I'm probably not the longest-impacted, but I am still documenting this so others can see Corsair is working on our issues and NOT ignoring us.


- 6400 and 8500 products in all densities are still back-ordered, some requests possibly as far back as April.


Elapsed Time: 19 Business Days since my memory arrived at the RMA department, 6 actual weeks since my module went bad (5/6/2007) :p

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