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CMX1024-4400PRO (2x 1gb) 1 Stick Failing

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Short Version:

1 Stick of my CMX1024-4400PRO Is failling, swap 1 stick into the first slot of my A8N-Sli Deluxe, it passes memtest-86 no prob, put in the other stick, same slot, same settings it fails right off the bat, from test 1-5.



Do I have to send both stick in or can I keep the good stick so my PC continue to function?


Long Versoin:


Asus A8N-Sli, Bios 1016 Final,

AMD 3800x2 @ 1.475 v, Mem @ 2.75V, DDR 400 3-4-4-8 Latency.


When tested individually, stick #1, past memtest-86 with flying colors in all 4 positions (each of the memory slot on the board)


Stick #2, Fails at every single slot right off the bat.


Again, anyway I can submit the bad stick only so I can keep my PC running?



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