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ram speed


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Hey i just have a quick question. This is system i wanna get built in two weeks.


The system


CPU E6600 $320

Motherboard P5N32-E Sli (680i) $320

RAM Corsair Twin2x 2048-6400 $260


Monitor View Sonic VX2235WM 22" $440

Widescreen Monitor

OS Microsoft Windows Vista $170

Home Premium 32-Bit

HDD Seagate SATA2 16Mb $140

7200RPM 320gb

CASE Thermaltake armor black $260

DVD Lite-On $40

PSU Thermaltake Toughpower $180


LCS Swiftech H20-APEX Ultra $400

Liquid Cooling Kit . .


Graphic card 8800gtx (cheep one) OR $800 $3330

8800gts $620 $3150


I just wanna know if my 800mhz ram will run at the max performance if i install it or will it bottleneck and run lower than 800mhz without increasing fsb or whatever. Im abit of a noob so replys in basic terminolgy plz.

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