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Asus P5N32e-Sli-plus with 4gb cm2x1024-6400c4cd


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You can find my computersystem in my profile.

The pc works with Vista 64 Ultimate fine with 2gb cm2x1024-6400c4cd. No error and all setting in bios put on auto. When i put 2 gb extra of same type of memory, there will come blue screen before the vista will start. Or sometime Vista start correct for a minutes of 5, then the blue screen comes.:[pouts:

The newest bios is installed (602).

The memtest86 at both pair of memory are working correctly.

I've tried set the memoryvoltage to 2.0 v with all of bios setting at auto.

Also tried setting the clockspeed of memory to 667 mhz and latency at 5-5-5-15. Staying Bsod..

Anybody known whats can be the trouble?

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1x 8800


After reading this forum, i have tried what ramguy tell for asus extreme.

I have set the bios in default. I see sli-ready was already disable.

The memoryvoltage put on 2.0 v. and the Nb-voltage 1.4 v.

The timing set of 4 gb: 4-4-4-12 with 2T. And set trc on 24.

The clockspeed for fsb is 1066mhz and memory 800mhz.


Staying Blue screen or the Vista working for few minutes before BSOD come.:[pouts:

Anybody another idea?:confused:


(Maybe important detail: I use Raid-controller from the Mb to set two harddisk in Raid 0)

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I did set the memoryspeed at 667mhz unlinked.

Well, the Vista didn't start.


In the memory clock mode i set on linked and memory rated 3:2 by fsb 1066. The actual mem changed to 711.1.

Is that normal?

That all by setting mem=2.0v nb=1.4v by 4-4-4-12 2T and TRC=24


The Vista start normal. No blue screen after 10 minutes!!

I will do the memtest.

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the memtest86 is done. get error by memoryvolt 2.0. I increase step by step the memoryvolt to 2.1. Staying errors by memtest. :mad:


Well i thought maybe the memoryvolt should be to 1.9 volt. And i was suprise that there were no error by memtest86!!!


The best for my asus p5n32e-sli-plus with 4 gb 1024-6400c4d is this setting:

- all setting begin to default.

- AI tuning manual

- boot link enable

- nividia GPU EX enable

- set my raidcontroller enable with sata 1 en 3 (were 2 harddisks are connected)enable

- set memory clock mode linked

- set memory ratio at 3:2 (fsb: 1066 and mem-mhz: 711.1)

- set memoryvoltage at 1.9 v.

- set norhtbridgevoltage at 1.4 v.

- set timing at 4-4-4-12 at 2T


That's all works fine for me :D:

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