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Experiencing incompatibility within Value Select Pairs


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I have two VS512MB400 in my board along with two ******** 256MB (another manufacturer) modules with no problem. I switched out the ******** for two more VS512MB400 modules with a different lot # and they won't run together. At least not games.


In Doom 3 I get either a drop out of the game, or a GFP. Unreal Tournament Goty has a problem with dropping out as well.


A GPF Error Msg I got




These are the modules I have been using




This is the second pair which seem incompatible with the first



Backs of the modules


1st module on the right.


Are they, is there, an incompatibility issue here or is it that I might change a setting in BIOS? Another answer? Any help would be appreciated.






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To drawde5,


What is totally missing in your post is the timings your bios is trying to run the set of ram at. So a download and install of cpu-z---all of a 438 kb download is the first place to start---look at your memory tab---thats the speeds that your ram is running at--look at the spd tab---that is the timings your ram is sending to the bios---do all say 2.5-3-3-8?---or are some of the vs512mb400c3 variety?

And do the spd tab and the memory tab differ. Also pay close attention to the memory bus speed in the memory tab---are you running at a 133, 166, or 200

mhz bus?---are you running in single or dual channel?


Step 2 is read your motherboard handbook---is the board capable of dual channel? Do you need to downclock your ram bus to 166mhz when you run all four ram slots?---or will you be like I WAS---when I discovered my memory bus was only running at 133 mhz when it and my ram was capable of 200mhz?


In my case it took some playing with the bios--basically trial and error to get my memory running right--and I have a similar ram set up---but never could get my ram to run at 2.5-3-3-8. But got it running at 2.5-3-3-7 @pc3200, but those are not the only bios tweaks I had to make. And to prove rock solid, I ran memtest86 and other benchmarks to verify its stable. And because my cpu is socket 754, dual channel is not an option for me.


So my message is do your research first---know what you have now. And then everyone is in a better position to help you. But you could get lucky and find someone very familiar with your mobo---and then they are in a super position to help you.

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I'm in the process of running tests and fiddling with BIOS settings and it seems that pushing the frequency back to 166MHz on both buses works. Memory is showing 221MHz with the previous settings, though all other setting are at 200MHz. That must be the prob now, though it wasn't a prob with the previous settings and the other modules in the same slots? Is that a clue?


CPU-z tables

I'm running SPD in the BIOS

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I have and the computer crashed at about the same place.


Anyway, I've run Memtest for hours and here is the result. At least what would fit on the page. It occurred to me after restarting that I might have scrolled down, but the result seems conclusive that it fails test #5.


MemTest Result

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Just to finalize the thread and what's happened: I'm running both CPU and RAM at the same speed, with the RAM timing at 2-3-3-7 completely stable and faster than ever. Being able to boost the CPU to 175MHz (2275MHz) is probably more of a performance boost than running the RAM at 200 (or 221MHz according to CPU-Z with the looser specs, 2.5-3-3-8) CPU voltage is fluctuating between 1.696v and 1.712v. MBM5 shows it to be the same and RAM or board voltage at 3.34v.


And no glitches, which is one of the best payoffs of all.


Thanks for the help!



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As I stated above the CPU and RAM are both at 174MHz. That's 1:1, no?


Buying another CPU to run at the 200MHz FSB so that the RAM is at rated frequency isn't in the cards. (or is it? Actually, I have components for another system. Maybe I'll build another Folding machine.)


in addition, I'm running the RAM at 2-3-3-6 @ 175MHZ. This must have been A+ 333MHz memory! Man I love Corsair!



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