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Failure of CMX512-3200C2PT

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I have 4 sticks of CMX512-3200C2PT that I bought in January of 2005, for a total of 2 gigabytes. One of the modules failed recently - got paging faults and then a blue screen consistently in Win XP SP2, ASUS A8V motherboard with AMD Athlon 64 3200+ processor. I swapped out RAM modules and traced it to one particular stick of memory. The computer works flawlessly when any other two sticks are installed, but if I put the bad stick in I immediately get the paging faults and blue screen again. (I only put in two memory sticks at a time because they must operate in pairs.)


I cleaned up my office last fall and threw away the original package, which the store would have needed to replace the memory under warranty, so I would like to get Corsair to evaluate it and advise about warranty replacement. Thanks.

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