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3 vs 4 gig RAM with Vista?


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I'm planning on building a rig that will run Vista 32 and XP in dual boot. I realize that any 32 bit operating system won't be able to "see" all 4 gigs of RAM, but I want more than 2 gigs. However, I'm reading that some people using the motherboard I'm interested in (MSI P6N SLI Platinum) are having problems with 4 gig of RAM. Here's my question: Would it be better to get 4x1 gig sticks or get 2x1 gig and then 2x512 meg sticks, giving me just 3 gig of RAM? I don't know if there would be a performance hit by mixing two different densities or not. Or, am I making this too difficult on myself and should just stick with 2 gig of RAM for now.



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