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Twinx 1024-4400C25PT broken?

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I have a problem with my computer. At the current settings it crashes about once a week. Since it is now acting as a media file server, this is very inconvenient. Everything seems to be running smoothly, until - about once a week (but it varies between 1 day and 1 month) the system crashes in the most terrible way: All possible errors pass the screen, disks may fall out of the array, etc, etc..


After a lot of testing, discussing on forums and such, I found out that my memory is the most probable culprit. This assumption seems to be supported by a thread I found on this forum:




The following characteristics stand out in the testing I have done:

- The errors seem not to be correlated with how busy the system is: it might hang on Idle just as well as on full load;

- None of the parts is hot, in any way;

- The system hangs within a minute is CAS delay is set to 2.5 (at 200 FSB or any setting, according to spec this shouldn't be any problem.

- The system won't even start to BIOS with CAS to 2.0


With the BIOS setting as below, the following happens when varying FSB:

- With FSB settings at standard 200 MHz, the system hangs within a minute;

- With FSB settings at 220 MHz, the system usually hangs with a day;

- With FSB settings at 250 MHz, the system seems the most stable: it hangs about once a week;

- With FSB settings at 260 MHz, the system hangs about once a day;

- MemTest runs smoothly at any of the above FSB's (the memory is rated at 275 MHz, so one should expect this);



Current Genie Bios Settings are the following:

FSB Bus Freqency: 250 MHz

FSB/LDT Frequency Ratio: x4.0

LDT Bus Transfer Width: ↓16 ↑16

CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio: x10.0

PCI eXpress Frequency: 100 MHz

K8 Cool'n'Quiet: Disabled

CPU VID Startup Value: 1,475v

CPU VID Control: 1,475v

CPU VID Special Control: Above VID * 104%

LDT Voltage Control: 1,30v

Chip Set Voltage Control: 1,60v

DRAM Voltage Control: 2,80v

DRAM+.03v if not 3,2v Disabled


Current DRAM Configuration:


DRAM Frequency Set (MHz): 200=RAM/FSB: 01/01

CPC: Enabled

Tcl: 3.0

Trcd: 04 Bus Clocks

Tras: 08 Bus Clocks

Trp: 04 Bus Clocks

Trc: 09 Bus Clocks

Trfc: 16 Bus Clocks

Trrd: 03 Bus Clocks

Twr: 03 Bus Clocks

Twtr: 02 Bus Clocks

Trwt: 03 Bus Clocks

Tref: 3120 Cycles

Odd Divisor Correct: Disabled

DRAM Bank Interleave: Enabled


DQS Skew Control: Increase Skew

DQS Skew Value: 0

DRAM Drive Strength: Level 6

DRAM Data Drive Strength:Level 4

Max Async Latency: 08.0 Nanoseconds

DRAM Response Time: Fast

Read Preamble Time: 06.0 Nanoseconds

IdleCycle Limit: 256 Cycles

Dynamic Counter: Disabled

R/W Queue Bypass: 16x

Bypass Max: 07x

32 Byte Granularity: Disabled (4 Bursts)



Well.. Thats about it.. Any help in solving this problem would be greatly appreciated!!! (Unstable servers are a bitch..)


Thank you,





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The CPU you have runs at 2000 MHz by default at 10 X 200 so at those settings you are way over clocking the CPU, I would try and lower the multiplier and or just start with Cass 2-3-2-5 at DDR400 with out over clocking the CPU and test the system with http://www.memtest.org to be sure its stable.
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Hi Ram Guy,


Thanks for the reply!


> I would try and lower the multiplier

So with high FSB and lower CPU.. yeah, that might be different. Only, until now, the system gets more stable when you clock it higher (until about 2600 MHz, when it gets less stable again, probably due to the CPU's limits).


> start with Cass 2-3-2-5 at DDR400 with out over clocking

Well.. I tried that, with even much more relaxed settings. It just won't be stable at LOW FSB, that's the problem, I don't have a clue why... And that's why I think it has something to do with broken memory.. DDR400 settings just won't work!


Looking forward to your reaction!





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