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1 stick of bad ram

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Hi, ram guys

I purchased my 2 GB Memory Module Kit from Fry's Electronics about 2 years ago. The kit comprised of 2 individual 1GB stick of ram at PC3200. The Ram is the ValueSelect type and the product number is: vs1gb400c3.


I'm sure that the 1GB stick of valueslect ram is bad. I replaced my hard drive at first because I thought it was a hard drive problem that didn't allow me to log on the operating system. It would just freeze every time Windows XP tried to boot up.


After I replaced the Hard drive, I thought it was probably the motherboard. So, I got a brand new motherboard, the biostar p4m80-m4. Then I tried to set up a fresh copy of XP and it wouldnt set up, it would just freeze. So, finally I thought it was the RAM problem. I removed one piece of the RAM and it finally started working. When I try the bad piece of ram, windows would automatiically lock up and reboot.


I think, I need a replacement for this bad RAM.

Thank you for your time.

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Hey RamGuy,


On the RMA request form, do I enter the post ID that is next to my post or the post ID that is next to your post? I wasn't sure. I just entered the post ID that was next to my post and submitted it.



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