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Bad RAM Stick

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I have 2 sets of Corsair (VS1GBKIT400) 1024MB (2 x 512MB Matched Pair), DDR400 / PC3200, non-ECC, Unbuffered, CL2.5. I am getting a blue screen saying Page_Fault_on_Non_Paged_Area. I check Microsoft support and a few other Hardware sites and they pointed me to faulty RAM. I stripped the PC to min config and it booted fine, I then placed the sticks in one at a time and it booted ok with all but 1 of the sticks, I then made sure that it wasn’t the RAM slot that was faulty but installing them again one at a time into a different RAM slot and again the PC booted fine with 3 out of the 4 sticks (it was the same stick that failed each time). Can any one give me any idea on what i can do next, is there anything else i can try with regards to config or should i send it back under warranty. If it is a warranty replacement I presume that there is no problem with me being in the UK and have you any idea how long it usually takes to get the replacement back? is there a UK address that i send the RAM to or is it only a USA address?

Thanks for any help you can give


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